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SalesInvoice SSRS report shows without data

At a customer the SalesInvoice SSRS report (AX 2012 RTM) was working inside the corporate network. From the DMZ zone the report would show up empty. Other reports would work just fine from the DMZ. No errors were displayed when executing the SalesInvoice report.

In order to narrow down the problem I the following things:

  • compared the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics AX\60\Server\Ax2012Prod\bin\XppIL folders of the two AOS’es.
  • I also tried restarting  the AOS
  • Doing a full CIL compile
  • Restarting the SSRS service from the “Reporting services configuration manager”

I am not sure what triggered the following error to display – but it suddenly clarified things a lot


The problem seemed to be causes by the buffersize in the AOS server configuration was set to the default value 24KB, which in this case was too small.
The error above would only be showed the first time the report was run after the restart. So it was sort of by coincidence that I discovered it.

Comparing the configuration of the internal AOS server with the AOS in the DMZ revealed that the buffersize was configered differently. The internal was set to a higher value than 24KB where the DMZ was set to the default value of 24KB. Changing the value in server configuration of the DMZ AOS solved the problem.

Usefull info about the buffersize:

  • AX2012 RTM has a default buffersize of 24KB
  • AX2012 R2 has a default buffersize of 48KB
  • Microsoft in general does not recommend going higher than 96KB

Please be aware that changing the buffersize will cause each client to consume just a little bit more of RAM. In light of that, it would be a good idea to monitor the performance over the next couple of days.