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Microsoft CRM: Synchronizing with multiple AX companies results in continuously opening new active AOS-connections

Recently I was presented with a very interesting problem that occured when Microsoft CRM was synchronizing with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 using the DynamicsConnector for MS Dynamics AX. The installation guide can be found here.

In basics it was a standard setup in both ends. When syncing only one company everything would work just fine, but when syncing two or more companies the online users would be filled with active connections that wouldn’t close by themselves. In the end this would lead to the AOS not accepting new clients or even a crash due to lack of RAM.

The strange thing was that everything was setup according to the guidelines and was working fine in a reference environment. A MS support request was created and I will try to summarize all of our findings and the solution that fixed the problem.

The problem in short:

  • When running the synch of 2 or more companies simultaneously, the client session on AX continues to increase till the crash of AOS.
  • Running synch of 1 company only (in other words 1 integration) the client sessions do not increase; looks like they are recycled.
  • The problem occurs in all maps and seems to be a general problem in our scenario.
  • The synchronization for all companies is running on the same AX account.

The solution:

  • The verified solution from MS was to create separate accounts for each synchronization.