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Unable to render content due to an error. Please contact your system administrator.

Recently I experienced a strange error in an usercontrol. The error would cause the classic “Unable to render content due to an error. Please contact your system administrator.” message on EP and in the eventviewer I saw this:




The strange thjing turned out to be that the code for the usercontrol was an exact match with the one from a reference environment where everything worked just fine.

Trying to narrow things down I ended up finding that it was the AllowPaging property on the grid that was set to false that caused the error. Setting this property to true, would make the control work just fine. However my customer didn’t want paging – and it woked just fine in the reference environment. Giving this thought I concluded that the error was related to data. In my environment the dataset would return 55 records and in the reference environment I would have just 12 records. I started to play around with the PageSize property of the grid and found the the magic limit was 45 records. A limit of 44 in the PageSize property would make the control work just fine, whereas a limit of 45 would make the control crash with the above eventlog entries to follow.

I don’t think that the error is related to 45 records but more likely the size of the entire dataset. In my case the dataset contains information about expences and in that context some image/binary bitmap data. I therefore expect the data to be quite big.



If you begin to experience strange errors like the ones above – maybe it would be a good idea to look into the size of data.