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CUES stopped working in RoleCenter

Recently I was contacted by a customer who was in the process of upgrading some of the older windows server os’es. In that process the customer needed to move the AOS server from a specific server to another. Let’s call that server for AOS07. When stopping the AOS service on AOS07 the customer realized that cues in the rolecenter were missing/not working anymore. Starting the AOS service again fixed the problem, but ofcourse this was not the solution since the AOS07 had to be replaced.

After some analyzing I found that the sharepoint/EP server (Let’s call that server AOSEP) had its Ax client (business connector instance) configured to always connect to AOS07.

Let’s take a step back and think about what this means…

  • When a web-/rolecenter user connects to AX he will always connect to AOS07. That is how the business connector configuration were set up on AOSEP.
  • When stopping AOS07 cues stopped working. Ofcourse.

It all seems quite logical and ofcourse the solution was to change the business connector configuration on AOSEP to point to another AOS server.

Should You face a similar problem here’s a list of things You might want to check:

  1. Identify the server running the Sharepoint/EP site. You could get a clue about this by viewing the online users and see what server webusers connect to.
  2. Open the Dynamics AX client configuration on the EP/sharepoint server and have a look at the Business Connector configuration. The “connection” tab is the one you would like to check.
  3. If the BC configururation points to a specific server – maybe You want to switch to another
  4. Remember to restart the IIS
  5. I’m not entirely sure that it is necesarry but in may case I logged on to the AOSEP server using the identity of the business connector user.