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SAMSUNG UE46D8005 struggles part 1 – missing DR HD channel

Recently I had the pleassure to set up a brand new samsung ue46d8005 tv for a friend. It turned out to be quite a struggle with various kinds of challenges. Ofcourse I quickly turned to google where I am used to find the answer for almost anything but in this case I found it surprisingly hard. This post is created to help others facing the same or similar struggles…

My first challenge was to find all the digital channels. First of all the e-manual is not very useful since setting up your tv for digital channels reception varies depending on your cable tv supplier. In my case I am using AN-TV (denmark). I quickly found my way around in the menues and performed an auto search. Surprisingly I did not find a single channel. Having double checked the connection I turned to the options for the channels search. Strangely enough I found that I had to change the network to “SMARTV network” . Suddenly a whole bunch of digital channels were found BUT not DR HD.  I did tons of other channel searches – still no DR HD. I even tried to change the settings according to my cable tv supplier –

In my search for an explanation I stumpled accross a silly solution from somebody who claimed that changing the languange of the digital channel from danish to finnish would solve the issue. In my desperation I tried this, did another channel search and KAPOW there was all the missing channels.

The reason why this is working is apparently that when the country is set to Denmark, not all frequencies are searched. Changing the language into finnish solves this. Why this is designed so by Samsung is a mystery to me, but the most important thing is that it now is working.

So… if you are facing some problems in finding channels on your brand new Samsung LED tv just go ahead and change the language for the digital channel (not to be mistaken for the language for the entire tv) into finnish, do another channel search – that’s it.
(You will need af pincode to change the language – just type in 0000 (4 zeroes))