Creating a setup project for a windows service using VS2010

This post assumes that you ar familiar with creating windows services using VS2010 and that You have added an installer to the design view of your service as described in this MSDN article.

Assuming that you have an open solution containing your windows service – do the following to add and configure a setup project:

  1. Right click your solution and choose “add” –> “new project”.
  2. From the menu on the left choose “installed templates” –> “other project types” –> “Setup and deployment” –> Visual studio installer.
  3. Select “Setup project” and put in a suiting name for the project

    add new project screenshot

    add new project screenshot

  4. Setup project screenshot
  5. add project output group

    add project output group

  6. Custom actions

    Custom actions

4 thoughts on “Creating a setup project for a windows service using VS2010

  1. Joe Sheble

    This was helpful, but I’m curious if the service is marked as Automatic for running, why doesn;t the service start after it’s installed?

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